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Glamour Brows (HD effect)

Eyebrows are as individual to you as your fingerprint.

Inspired by the celebrity trend for the perfect arch, the Glamour Brow experience features tinting,

threading and waxing to tame the most unruly of eyebrows.

Stage 1: Consultation

Assessment of face shape, colouring and existing eyebrow shape & realistic expectations.

Stage 2: Tinting

Following patch test, a tint will be be applied to the whole eyebrow area.

Stage 3: Reassessment

Following the tinting process, we can reassess the shape and volume of your existing eyebrows and start to create your bespoke brows.

Stage 4: Brow measurement, shade & shape confirmation

I will create a brow shape as individual as you, based on your face shape and measurements,

only when you are happy will we continue the process.

Don't worry if you have sparse or over plucked eyebrows,

Glamour Brows are a process we can tailor a re-growth programme to help you achieve the brow shape you desire.

Stage 5: Waxing, threading and trimming

Using threading and waxing techniques to achieve superior definition.

Stage 6: Brow makeup application

Makeup application and advice to help achieve the Glamour Brow effect at home.

Brow building by Jaime

"Beautiful brows in just 1 treatment"

This is the perfect solution if you desire thicker and fuller brows.

The process is very similar to eyelash extensions,

where I bond the individual eyebrow extension to you existing baby hair, 

              This technique allows me to reshape and build your eyebrows by adding volume and fullness to sparse areas,

Correct the gaps or even create a whole new set of eyebrows.

The result is a bespoke brow makeover!


Price List

Full set (90 minute treatment) £80.00

Half set (60 minute treatment) £55.00

Infill's 2-3 weeks (30 minute treatment) £30.00


Aftercare Instructions

Lash and Brow treatments*

Individual eyelash extensions from £40.00

Individual eyelash extension maintenance from £25.00

Glamour Brows HD effect from £20.00

Brow building (eyebrow extensions) Price on request

* Please note that all of my clients are required to receive a patch test at least 48hrs prior to any lash or brow treatment.