Makeup by Jaimé

Makeup artist Eyebrow and semi permanent lash technician

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Prom and Evening Makeup Application

Trial makeup application from £25.00

Prom makeup package (under 18's only) from £30.00

Special event make up application from £35.00


Airbrush Services

Unlike traditional makeup, airbrushing sprays a fine mist so the makeup blends evenly on the skin.

Dinar foundations provide flawless coverage (from sheer to opaque) and minimizes skin imperfections.

The result is a beautiful and natural finish.

High-Def Close Ups

Celebrities and fashion models use our makeup because it doesn't look like makeup!

Dinar Has You Covered

Covers discolouration, blemishes and even dark circles!

All Day Coverage

Long lasting: No more touch-ups throughout the day!


No more contaminants on your skin from makeup tools.

Airbrush foundation incurs an additional £10.00 per person